Alfa Romeo Dashboard Warning Lights Guide

Alfa Romeo Dashboard Warning Lights

It’s never a great feeling when you see a warning light appear on your dashboard. However, knowing what each symbol means can help you prevent worry and unnecessary panic. A helpful rule to remember is to treat each color of dashboard warning lights just as you would a stoplight.

  • Is the icon color Green (or Blue)? Keep going – this is informational, and should not interfere with continued driving.
  • Yellow indicator lights indicate Caution. These warning lights indicate there is an issue that should be attended to at your earliest convenience – but you can likely finish
  • Is the icon Red in color? This is an indication of a more serious problem and you should pull off the road as soon as it’s safe to do so, shut off the engine, and call for assistance.

Alfa Romeo Louisville has created this in-depth guide to provide you with a better understanding of what each dashboard indicator/warning light means.

What Do The Dashboard Warning Lights Mean on Your Alfa Romeo?

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