Alfa Romeo DNA System Explained

Alfa Romeo DNA System Explained
Standard throughout the entire Alfa Romeo lineup, Alfa Romeo DNA gives drivers a wide range of innovative features that not only make driving more functional, but also more fun.Alfa Romeo DNA is an exclusive driving system that features a fully integrated driving application to deliver optimized maneuvering and blistering performance. Engineers at Alfa Romeo designed this revolutionary system to precisely influence the vehicle’s engine, transmission, steering, suspension, brakes, and accelerator. These inputs work in harmony to provide maximum capability in any driving condition.

This system puts full control right in the hands of the driver, giving them the ability to select which mode makes sense for the situation. Alfa Romeo drivers simply choose a mode using the selector near the gear lever and the vehicle responds immediately. Alfa Romeo Louisville has an excellent selection of the latest Alfa Romeo vehicles sporting the DNA System.

Alfa Romeo DNA: Dynamic, Natural, All Weather, and Race Modes

Natural Mode

Heading downtown for a nice evening or hitting the highway for your daily commute? Natural mode is ideal for more neutral surfaces and terrains. An added bonus of driving in Natural mode is minimizing fuel consumption for the duration of your journey.

Alfa Romeo DNA System Natural Mode
Alfa Romeo DNA System Dynamic Mode

Dynamic Mode

When Dynamic mode is chosen, you’ll have more responsive and direct control behind the wheel. The engine and brakes operate in a more reactive manner, while traction control engagement operates in a subtle fashion.

All Weather Mode

During potentially dangerous weather conditions or when the road surface turns slippery, All Weather mode proves to be an excellent setting. Once selected, the Alfa Romeo DNA System will communicate with various components throughout the vehicle to ensure they are proactively responding as needed.

Alfa Romeo DNA System All Weather Mode
Alfa Romeo DNA System Race Mode

Race Mode (Found on 4C Coupe/Spider, Giulia Quadrifoglio, and Stelvio Quadrifoglio)

Alfa Race mode puts you in total control of your car under race conditions. By minimizing the interventions of electronic systems, it leaves you, the driver, in complete command by deactivating ESC stability control and ASR. Race mode is available on the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and Spider, Giulia Quadrifoglio, and Stelvio Quadrifoglio.