Leasing An Alfa Romeo Stelvio in Louisville, KY


Alfa Romeo brings its unique breed of Italian craftsmanship, performance and style to an SUV that meets the demands of both driving enthusiasts and everyday life. Curious about the potential benefits of leasing a Stelvio? Our helpful guide below provides several examples of why leasing makes perfect sense.

Benefits of Leasing an Alfa Romeo Stelvio

  • Flexibility – By leasing a Stelvio, you’re committed to the vehicle only for the duration of the lease term. Should your wants or needs change, simply select another Alfa Romeo vehicle at the end of your lease.
  • No Effect on Trade-In – Once your lease is over, you have no need to worry about the current value of your vehicle or how it will impact the lease of your next Alfa Romeo.
  • Lower Monthly Payments – Monthly payments on your Stelvio are often significantly cheaper when compared to purchasing. This is because the vehicle is only leased for a fixed period of time with a set mileage.

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